Hi! I’m Sylvia, coming to you live from Gatineau (Hull) Canada! To see more of my work please visit my visual arts store here:
Thank you!

With many interests and a passion for artistic expression, I work in visual media such as photography, video, graphic and other arts; music and songwriting, theater, mixed media, multi-media; content writing, text art; rock art and sculpture.

My hobbies include geology and wildlife biology. I love experiments and am fascinated by almost anything scientific, even though I went to university for Fine Art. I heart quarks.

In summer 2016 I documented a nest of European Paper Wasps right outside my back door and look forward to showing you some amazing video clips of these elegant intelligent insects. At first both me and the wasps were nervous about it but all worked out well, and I’ll happily be sharing my secrets for not getting stung!

I also created several “swamps-in-a-jar” and have some footage of the mystic and fascinating creepy critters that may be found lurking in your drains, pipes and standing water. You will be amazed.

I love the artwork of Nature – dynamics, flow, power, shaping and reshaping of the Earth, creation of textures and exquisite beauty; as well as art that pushes limits and challenges the senses; Pop Art, photo art, black and white or monochrome photography; any kind of collage; classic and contemporary kitsch; words and their meanings; emotions and their expression. For photography my fave subject matter is my environment – I take pics of local scenes, streets, alleys, fences, cracks and quirks, small town ambience, seasonal happenings, natural textures, gardens, flowers, animals, the nice and not so nice – what is real –  souvenir photos and other original art gifts and products you can get at my online store: https://www.zazzle.com/m_sylvia_chaume – easy ordering, customizable products and fast shipping.

Subject matter covers a broad range including micro and macro visual records of gardens and flowers, parks,  architecture, nature, natural beauty, power of the elements; critters of many kinds; coffee; comedy, entertainment; social observations; documentary work; tourist hot spots in this area, practical info, funny stuff and irreverent rantings; to whit – plenty of fun and good cheer!

My roomies are two cats: Rajah, an old deaf fellow with arthritis; and Traveler, a young tom whose mom was my rescue cat! He was one of a litter of four. We found homes for everyone else but Traveler, despite his name, decided to stay with me. Ok, then.

I’m a hockey fan and love a good game – would rather watch it than play it. We root for the Ottawa Senators, which is the local team, or the Montreal Canadiens, but in general it doesn’t matter as long the game is exciting!

Favorite music includes blues, swing, classic rock, punk, some country and a variety of classical music. I can flail enthusiastically on guitar and love singing! I was told as a kid that my voice was awful, I was tone-deaf and would never be able to sing. The first part was true. The rest was utter BS. La la and double la!

A professional writer, I’ve written original articles and website content from archaeology to finance to health to the Eastern and Western zodiac; plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction (guess which is stranger!), musical theatre, novelty songs, haiku, and some very non-Zen personal expressions about whatever is currently bugging my obsessive little mind.

I adore my readers and welcome all feedback. Here you will find tips, details and lots of information about artistic expression, techniques, writing, my opinion, social commentary, historical and modern art and architecture, music, cats, other animals great and small; the magic of serendipity; dreams, happiness, love, motivation, medicinal and wild edible plants; philosophy, inspiring quotes, amusing stories, meaningful anecdotes or just a bunch of junk to use as mental fertilizer. Topics tend to be eclectic so please check back often. Happy blessings one and all!