Hull Québec Medical System – Prepare to Die

DEPRESSION IMG_7445-adj4Just a short note today, I don’t have much time! I’ve being going through hell with the medical system here … won’t go into detail but I have a number of strange and interesting conditions (including a severe hearing & sound interpretation condition called misophonia) –  some conditions chronic, some physical, some mental. Cuckoo! Well, I am a writer, what can you expect? In any case the system here is so unbelievable I have to share my adventures with you. Many of these people are the most inefficient, nasty, unprofessional creatures I’ve ever had the unpleasure of dealing with … literally, they have driven me close to suicide for the first time in twenty years (I have dealt with suicidal depression since I was in my teens, fixed it myself with a little help from Sam Coleridge (English poet, Romantic era) when I was in my thirties. So I still get depressed but not suicidal.

Not til now.

Hope to make it back soon and tell you all about it. Actually, I don’t have any readers (I don’t think so anyhow) so it’s more a purge than anything else.

The photo is for depression awareness. Did you know that 80% of people with depression do not get treated? I mean, when you’re depressed and the floor is a black pit swallowing you up, you’re crying and can’t even get out of bed to take a shower, how the heck can people expect you to go to the hospital? And yet, that is how they measure the severity of your condition – by how many times you go to hospital. Sadly, the hospital is a horror show and you are infinitely better off at home in a black hopeless pit of despair.

If you would like the above original photo as a postcard to help raise awareness about depression, please visit my Zazzle product page here:

On the product page you can add or remove text as desired.

Love all,



Author: M Sylvia Chaume

Hi! I'm Canadian artist Sylvia, living in beautiful Gatineau (Hull) Canada! Please also visit my visual arts home decor store for gifts, original art, novelties and dynamic nature themes at* . Thank you and many happy blessings! . As a person with a multitude of interests and a great love of art, I work in photography, video, and other visual arts; music and songwriting, theater, mixed media, content writing, text art, rock art and sculpture. I'm a big fan of black and white art. My hobbies include geology and wildlife biology. I have two cats: Rajah, an old deaf fellow with arthritis, and Traveler, a young tom whose mom was my rescue cat! He was one of a litter of four. We found homes for everyone else but Traveler, despite his name, decided to stay with me. Ok, then. Last summer I documented a nest of European Paper Wasps right outside my back door and look forward to showing you some amazing video clips of these elegant intelligent insects. I also created several "swamps-in-a-jar" and have some footage of the mystic and fascinating creepy critters that may be found in your drains, pipes and standing water. I love the artwork of Nature as well as art that pushes limits and challenges the senses; Pop Art, photo art, any kind of collage, classic and contemporary kitsch; black and white, monochrome. My environment is my favorite subject matter - local scenes, urban streets, small town quirks, seasonal happenings, natural textures, gardens, flowers, animals, the nice and not so nice - what is real - souvenir photos and other original art gifts and products you can get at my spiffy online store: Subject matter covers a broad range including micro and macro, gardens and flowers, nature, natural beauty and the power of the elements; critters of many kinds; coffee; comedy, entertainment; social observations; documentation; tourist hot spots in this area, practical info, funny stuff and irreverent rantings; to whit - fun and good cheer! I'm a hockey fan and love a good game, but would rather watch it than play it. Favorite music includes blues, swing, punk, classic rock, classical music. I play some guitar and A professional writer, I've written original articles and website content, plays, poetry, fiction and non, musical theatre, songs, haiku, and some very non-Zen personal expressions about whatever nags my obsessive little mind. I adore and appreciate my readers, and welcome all feedback. Here you will find tips, details and lots of information about artistic expression, photo techniques, writing, social commentary, historical and modern architecture, music, cats, other animals great and small; the magic of serendipity; dreams, happiness, love and relationships; medicinal and wild edible plants; philosophy, motivational quotes and amusing anecdotes. Having spent the summer documenting a nest of European paper wasps through photo and video you can be sure I'll be sharing what I've learned, as well as advice about not getting stung! So, topics tend to be eclectic. I sincerely hope you'll join me here. Happy blessings one and all!

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